Flower Knitting Loom Set Knit Daisy Pattern - Wool Yarn Needle Home Craft

Flower Knitting Loom Set Knit Daisy Pattern - Wool Yarn Needle Home Craft

Price: £4.57
Model: TS1325

Brand new and high quality Flower Knitting Loom Set. Set includes - one base, one central axis, one hexagonal frame, three round frames, two square frames. 6 sizes of loom are included:

Sizes - 

Base: 10.5 x 10.5cm

Central Axis(D x H):  3 x 3cm

Hexagonal Frame Diameter:  7.1cm

Large Pink Square Frames:  9 x 9cm

Small Pink Square Frames:  4.6 x 4.6cm

Large Blue Round Frames Diameter:  8.8cm

Middle Blue Round Frames Diameter:  6.4 cm   

Small  Blue Round Frames Diameter: 4.9cm   

This set is fast, easy, simple & fun to use and can be used to make beautiful flower shaped embellishments. It is the perfect hobby and craft tool for all ages.

Loom shapes can be used to make round, square and hexagonal designs in different sizes. These handy tools can be used to create beautiful flowers/rosettes using wool, ribbons, raffia, yarn, fabric strips, twine, jute, threads and more.

The flowers can be used to decorate knitted or crochet items for Baby or adults shawls, Hats and Clothing or joined together to make lovely wearable art and accessories such as pillows, trimmings, and bags.

The set is lightweight but strong and durable for long lasting use. They come compactly packed in a plastic box with a clear cover so that the set can be easily carried anywhere you'd like to do your work.


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