Therapeutic beeswax Ear Candles (8 pairs) with filters,protector discs and 8 Aromas

Therapeutic beeswax Ear Candles (8 pairs) with filters,protector discs and 8 Aromas

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Ear candling or 'Thermal Auricular Therapy" is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions such as headaches; sinus problems and the bulid up of excess earwax (cerumen). Ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which shootes, relieves and relaxes.

The range of 8 different aromas are easily identified by colour, each with its own unique quality in promoting the feeling of the subjects well being. You may want to do ear candling in a regular basis for general well being and relaxation.

Generaly you may use ear candle in every fortnight, or if u suffer from issues such as congested nose or sinus, you may do it every week in a short period of time and turns back for the threatment every fortnight after the symptoms are improved. Kindly remind to drink plenty of pure water after the treatment

Contra-indications: If you are suffering from inner ear infection, fungal infection in the ear, tumor in the ear, damaged ear drum or wearing hearing aid, it is advisable that you do not receive ear candle treatment. Ear candling is a natural therapy. It cannot replace any medical treatment.

Therapeutics Candles are handmade with natural beeswax and 100% pure organic essential oils.
Pack contains 16 ear candles (8 pairs) with protective discs and specially designed safety filters prevents residues, which are generated in the burning process.
Therapeutics Candles are designed to burn with minimal smoke and ash to release the natural aroma of essential oils while complimenting the therapeutic experience of ear candling.
Each pair of candles is individually packed to keep candles in good condition, instruction of usage at the back of each package
Perfect for whole family. Amazing offer of 8 different aromas like lemongrass, lavender, rosemary and more.

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