Polyester Sewing Thread for Sewing Machines 20x 500 m

Polyester Sewing Thread for Sewing Machines 20x 500 m

Price: £5.02
Model: TS1605

The sewing set includes 20 cotton reels, which are cross-winded. The threads provide various colours so you will surely have the right reel in the moment you need it. The set includes two white and two black reels and varying nuances of blue, yellow, red, green, violet, brown and grey. Each reel provides a thread with a length of ca 500 meters. The sewing thread is made of 100% polyester - a sturdy and robust material. It can be used in versatile ways and is suitable for handicraft and sewing machine. When you want to use the thread on a sewing machine you have to wind it onto another reel first. Please keep that in mind and get informed about the instructions on the respective sewing machine.

The sewing thread will be delivered in a plastic box. The simple container is shut with a transparent lid and is suitable for storage even after first opening. This way, you get a nice overview of all the beautiful colours and can choose the one you need.

Sewing thread set of different colours
Material: 100% polyester
Amount: 20 pieces
Thread Length: 500 m each


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