5th Generation 3x3x3 Speed Puzzle Magic Cube Dayan ZhanChi

5th Generation 3x3x3 Speed Puzzle Magic Cube Dayan ZhanChi

Price: £6.91
Model: TS1633

Dayan V5 ZhanChi 3x3x3 Speed puzzle Magic Cube black

It's well-known that Rubik's cube has been extremely popular among the elder and young. It can not only help the old prevent brain degeneration, but also highly enhance the development of little kids. So here we're pleased to recommend this 3-layer Funny Square Magic Cube Puzzle Toy to all of you. Made of durable and environmentally friendly ABS plastic, our magic cube boasts excellent hand feel, smooth performance and light weight. A perfect combination of entertainment and intelligence development for all Rubik's cube beginners and masters!

1. Adopting reliable plastic, it is non-toxic and lightweight
2. It is a traditional educational toy for kids and adults
3. For kids, it can develop their brain and logic thinking ability
4. For adults, it can release their pressure after work
5. It can change various appearances with vivid mobility nodes
6. Small dynamic and static friction coefficient ensures safe and smooth rotation
7. The interface is smooth and each corner has a chamfer
8. Good abrasion resistance and texture in hand
9. It is popular in coffee shops, waiting rooms and other places

1. Cube Type: 3-layer
2. Surface Module Shape: Square
3. Surface Shape: Square
4. Material: Plastic
5. Color: White/orange/blue
6. Weight: 90g

Package Includes:
1 x Magic Cube Puzzle Toy
1 x Manual

ZhanChi is the newest Dayan speed cube, the 5th generation. ZhanChi combines the speed of GuHong and the non-popping design of LunHui, the results are an excellent new speed cube.

3x3x3 Competition level Puzzle speed cube
Extremely fast with excellent cornering
Solve it when each side matches
Quality ABS plastic and long lasting PVC stickers.


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