Sewing Thread Assortment Set 64 Items Synthetic Thread 100 % Polyester Sewing Machine Thread

Sewing Thread Assortment Set 64 Items Synthetic Thread 100 % Polyester Sewing Machine Thread

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CRAFTERS DELIGHT- Our sewing thread set is every crafters dream- full of a rainbow of beautiful top quality bobbins and spools! With 32 different coloured threads, you will be spoilt for choice and have a huge range to choose from for all of your sewing needs from cross stitch, hand needle work, embroidery and more!

32 spools of sewing thread, each with 50 m of upper thread

32 under thread spools, each with 25 m for sewing machines with swing arm

Strength NE 40/2 tear-proof Colour-fast, suitable for fast machine sewing

TOP QUALITY- All of our thread is high quality, 100% polyester machine sewing thread wound on plastic spools and metal bobbins to fit most universal sewing machines. This is great for avoiding any knots and jams with the fine thread so you can keep your work snag free!

THREAD AND BOBBINS- We all love to inject a splash of colour into any craft work and have all ran out of our favourite thread at the critical moment. Each bobbin is wound on a metal bobbin with 20m of stunning thread while each spool is wound with 40m of outstanding coloured polyester.

STORAGE CASE- This set is a fantastic gift and wont clutter any craft room as all of the threads and bobbins come in an acrylic storage case to keep all your thread safe, organised and tangle free! The case measures 27x16.5x2.5cm.

All purpose domestic sewing thread set which comes delivered in a beautiful, sturdy storage box. You will receive 32 different coloured spools of thread and 32 different coloured bobbins! This set includes all the popular colours your could want. Please note: colour of thread may differ slightly to what is pictured.

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