Nail Art: Soak Off Top And Base Coat. Clear colour. Professional use

Nail Art: Soak Off Top And Base Coat. Clear colour. Professional use

Price: £4.33
Model: TS1885

Nail Art: Base coat and top coat for gel nail. Nail protectiion, nail salon, nail gel

Unlike a traditional nail lacquer, Gel varnish is painted with a brush and each layer is "cured" under UV light to dry. Our base and top coats are easily applied, have a good shine and most importantly, they have a LONG life of up to one MONTH. We have tried and tested in order to arrive at a final product that is light, odorless and easy to apply.

The topcoat can be "cured" when the colored lacquer is applied.


Step 1: File down and polish the surface of the nail slightly

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of base gel, and "cure".

Step 3: Apply a layer of nail gel; if it is too light in color, apply a second layer and "cure".

Step 4: Apply the finish gel and "cure".

Step 5: Clean any spot varnish

NOTES: The gel becomes thicker in the case of temperature reduction. Keep product away from sun and heat rays. Close tightly after use. Follow directions for use. Discontinue use if sensitization occurs. Keep out of the reach of children.

Content: 1x base gel layer 10ml + 1x 10ml gel varnish layer protects brightness for a long lasting effect!

To test for Allergy, you must first try a few drops on your skin and leave for 15 minutes. Some users might be ALLERGIC to this product, if you have a rash or reaction, Please discard it and STOP using it.


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