Twist Vibrator, 10 Speeds | 10 Programs

Twist Vibrator, 10 Speeds | 10 Programs

Price: £5.67
Model: TS1927

Vibrator "silky" - silicone, super soft and odorless

100% waterproof for sex games in the shower or bath.
Very quiet and powerful vibration with super function, 10 different programs, from soft to hard. Extremely easy operation with one touch function.
Perfect form, with twisted grooves. Very convenient and comfortable touch
Detailed: total length 19 cm, diameter 25-38 mm

Vibrator with 10 different programs

A discreet boyfriend "silky". So simple it seems at first glance, so perfectly thought of form and material. With tordeus velvety surface grooves and the vibrator is not only very comfortable to hold, but can also be introduced as well. With the switch, you can adjust the vibration levels of 10 - delicate transition stage superpower. So high is the engine is so quiet vibration noise. So you have no problem if you use it in an apartment or rooms with thin walls.

And best of all, so perfect for times in the shower or bath because 100% waterproof.
The material (silicon) has been clinically tested and absolutely free of pollutants. Convince yourself of the advantages of a vibrator!

Details Notice: length 19 cm, diameter 25-38 mm