Stainless Steel Flexible Whisk | 27 cm/ 10" | Resistent, high quality

Stainless Steel Flexible Whisk | 27 cm/ 10\"  | Resistent, high quality

Price: £3.88
Model: TS1951

The flexi whisk is the innovation among the whisks. Due to the many vibrating balls much more air into the mixture without guarantees "lumps". Mixing soups or beating creams are successful in seconds by the self-vibration of each ball. The wires reach into the corners of pots and bowls and due to the large impact surface can adhere to the pot bottom nothing. Between the wires from sticking, that the flexi whisk is easy to clean and hygienic.

 Length: 27 cm. |

Material: 18/10 stainless steel frosted Cromargan .

Stainless, dishwasher-resistant, dimensionally stable, hygienic, acid-resistant and indestructible.

The functional parts of the whisk are fixed firmly. With handy eyelet for storage in a hanging rail with hooks.