Wine Accessory "Don't Break The Bottle" - A Wooden Puzzle | Toy | For a special bottle or gift

Wine Accessory \"Don\'t Break The Bottle\" - A Wooden Puzzle | Toy | For a special bottle or gift

Price: £17.45
Model: TS2047

Bottle puzzle: The bottle puzzle is a game for wine lovers and anyone else who enjoys solving puzzles!
The bottle puzzle can be assembled around any normal wine bottle. Before the bottle can be opened, the bottle puzzle must be solved by moving the individual wooden parts in the right sequence and thereby releasing the bottle.
Besides wine bottles, the bottle puzzle can of course be used with any other similarly-sized bottle.
Ideal as a present or a small gift.
The puzzle is made of 8 high-quality wooden parts, and a stylish cord, along with instructions on the puzzle with detailed pictures.
Please NOTE: the bottle is not included. The bottle puzzle fits any standard wine bottle and other bottles of the same size. Wood:
It is an elegant piece, that is adjustable and fits most wine bottles
Warning: Keep out of reach of children.